Williamson, Kenn

Williamson Photo.jpgAustralia (Exhibiting Artist 2009)

My art allows me to express emotions.  It also allows me to develop the use of the right side of my brain, when the left side was damaged.  I have learned through experience to see sides of other people.  If you focus on the positive side it puts things in the right perspective.  My art displays a positive side of what I can achieve.

Williamson War in Iraq.jpg


Shown in Art Exhibit '09

War in Iraq

by Kenn Williamson

mixed media (2003)

I would like for people to learn what to do when a person is having a seizure and afterwards; for example,  Do not put something in someone's mouth or try to hold them down etc.  I would also like for epilepsy to not be 'insular.'  When some medical problems, like a heart attack, can bring a family closer in a supportive role.  I would like to be able to share that I have epilepsy in order to pull people together for support, rather than what I initially experienced where epilepsy can be isolating.



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