Webber, Linda

Webber Photo.jpgAustralia (Exhibiting Artist 2009)

Epilepsy affects me in many ways every day, whether I've had a seizure or not.  Many people see epilepsy as being the symptom of having a seizure, not as a condition that impacts all aspects life, daily.  My outer world has many limitations, and because of this, I've found depth in other areas of my life, internally. 

With epilepsy, I frequently have difficulty processing things mentally, and find intellectual stuff to be a strain.  Sometimes I feel I live in another world - probably because I can't explain in words what epilepsy, or living with it, is like.

Webber Woman copy.jpg

I can't always express myself clearly, but through art I can.  I feel in tune with life in other ways, and feel my strength is in these other levels.  With inspiration and insight I can see and make things that I find beautiful.  I get a lot of happiness creating art from elements that seem to have no purpose or value, like driftwood, feathers, string.  It brings me pleasure to transform such elements into something tangible and beautiful.  It adds to the quality of my life, and also to my sense of self-esteem.  I don't feel so 'inadequate' or 'unable to' when I can bring something beautiful into the world.  Through art I can express myself and share my inner world easily, and without the need for words.

Shown in Art Exhibit '09


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