Silva, Alison

alisonberet[1].jpgUSA (Featured Artist 2010)

My life changed after my diagnosis in 2006 it has led to some interesting discoveries and revelations.  I found myself researching the lives and works of writers , artists ,composers, philosophers & religious leaders who suffered from neurological diseases. I now feel that I am not alone ...I want to share hope, awareness, empowerment, and the good that life continues to offer after being diagnosed with any illness.

Silva-The Warior of Manaz.jpgLiving with these symptoms is a daily challenge and can be exhausting . The first step is acceptance and staying positive. The second is to embrace your condition and learn everything you can about it. There are always things you can do to improve your health, no matter how small the change. By being open to new kinds of learning and ways to express yourself, you continue to move forward and realize that your work and life can have new meaning. I'm fascinated by how artistic creativity and human behavior is impacted by neurological disorders. It is a largely unexplored field and controversial at times. I feel strongly that the studies and discoveries of scientists, doctors, artists, and patients alike can illuminate the way to a better understanding of the curious human mind and spirit.


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