Rouslin, Jude

Rouslin Photo.jpgUSA (Featured Artist 2009)

"Art culture in America from my point of view has become nothing more than a who's who of networking. It's extremely exclusionary and defined by everything except "art". And over time Art Culture in America has become narrowly defined to a level of trends and fads. By limiting what the perception of art is, and what defines the success of an Artist, we have run the risk of becoming so ignorant due to arrogance. I feel that art must not be defined by a select group, galleries or markets. If the current art markets were open to all arts and artists, it would provide a great window into the human elements of real life. Compound that with Epilepsy. It then provides a chance for art to become more than a visual element to be praised or not, but rather a tool by which viewers may be able to expand their own understanding of seizure disorders."

rouslin Partially Where.jpg

In Art Exhibit '09

Partially Where?

by Jude Rouslin

oil on canvas (2005)

"I will welcome the day when a piece of artwork is displayed and enjoyed for the sake of art. And a seizure disorder is not the sum total of an artist's individual work. I hope that artists with seizures are mainstreamed for their work, and not for their praising ability to multi-task a paint brush in between seizures. As I would not like to be pitied or have someone state, "Well, you know for an epileptic, it's not bad work". I hope to be viewed as an Artist first and foremost, and anything after that will hopefully teach the viewing public, that yes, people with and without disorders are capable of creativity, for arts sake."


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