cover-smaller.jpgHere are some articles, information and media coverage related to the "Creative Sparks" art exhibition, web site and study.

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Ode-to-Nonsense-Cover-Smaller.png"21 Reasons to Love Edward Lear #10: Edward Lear, Epilepsy and Creativity", Slingsyby - Journey into Wonder, 2013. 

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Schachter, Steven. "9th Judith Hoyer Lecture on Epilepsy at the Annual American Epilepsy Society Meeting." Center for Integration of Medicine & Innovative Technology (2011) AND "The Reality of Epilepsy: State of the Art." These videos of the presentations of Dr. Schachter, from Harvard Medical School, show many of the artworks collected in the Creative Sparks Project and cites the research of Jim Chambliss. 


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Sparks of Creativity Blog.

"Art Helps Lift the Veil on Epilepsy," The Age, May 2, 2009. 

Julia Medew won an international journalism award for her story on this web site, art exhibition and related research. The article featured the story of Megan O'Keefe. This article is estimated to have been read by "more than a million readers."

EpilepsyNewsCover.jpgInternational Epilepsy News, Issue 1 (2009), International Bureau for Epilepsy.

Interview with Jim Chambliss and Denise Chapman, 9 am with David and Kim, May 13, 2009.

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