Parker, Linda

Parker-Lynda, Photo.jpgAustralia (Exhibiting Artist 2009)

"I'd like to show people that people with a disability (not necessarily epilepsy) do have a mind of their own. We can be as creative as any other human being around; it's not just the 'norms' who can pick up a paintbrush and do this. It's us too. However, we see things from a completely different way; that's what makes us unique. We are not to be separated from the rest of the population all because we have something wrong with ol' grey matter. Segregation has never worked in the past with anything; so why would it work with the disabled? It's just teaching young kids that the disabled people around the globe aren't the same; when they are. They just get around differently, think differently and maybe speak slower - they do have feelings that can be hurt the same way as everyone else's."




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