Ng, Joanne

Joanna Ng.jpg Joanne Ng

Victoria, Australia

Anne Marie

charcoal on paper


N77-3-Ann-Maree.jpgMy art is primarily concerned with people and relationships. I wanted to show my art as a testimony to the importance of a loving family in my journey with epilepsy. Although family relationships were strained at times (owing to the hideous side-effects of many different AEDs), a loving family was a saving grace in learning to live with my condition despite the pain.

Epilepsy is poorly understood by the public. People have preconceived ideas as to what constitutes a seizure and who is affected by epilepsy. What is most saddening is the lack of understanding about the emotional, psychological and spiritual suffering which can occur. More empathy is shown for a broken leg than a broken brain. The real challenge of epilepsy relates to feeling disconnected, lonely and misunderstood. This can be prevented by a better understanding of epilepsy and an unconditional acceptance of and respect for those who are affected. 


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