Motsinger, Debbie

Motsinger Photo.jpgUSA (Featured Artist 2010)

I am showing my art and sharing that I have epilepsy, so people will understand that being different is OK. And if they stop and smell the roses they have more than a scent to offer us. Epilepsy is a sickness not something they will catch. And for them not to be afraid if we happen to have a seizure just help us like they would anyone else in trouble. Human kindness goes a long way.

Motsinger Mrs Hatchett.jpg


In Art Exhibit 2010

Mrs. Hatchett

by Debbie Motsinger

flower petals on paper (2008)


Unlike most artists who use 'Paint' my 'Paint' is alive at one time. My artwork is done using only what Mother Nature has to offer. I use fresh garden flowers, twigs from bushes, leaves from trees, & green grass from meadows. By me preserving nature it can continue to live forever through my art. It's as if the flowers are talking to me guiding me through my own piece of nature as I create it.


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