Mahmoud, Shireen


"The most important reason to me to share my work and my illness at the same time is that I've been holding this to myself my entire life. I've had epilepsy since I was 5 years old & I'm now 31 (my case is not controlled yet) & you couldn't imagine the shame & fear I felt through my entire life & the need to hide my illness from everyone cause as you know nobody understands. And, now for the very first time in my life I'm finally in peace with myself & my illness and I accept & love myself just the way I am . I   really want to share this with the whole wide world. I am not ashamed of my illness anymore and my proud to have such hard conditions & be able to accomplish all what I did though my life & that I didn't let it defeat me until now. And. I would really love to share my work with people going through the same pain & feelings I'm going through. I'd love to meet them all in person. Sharing my work in such exhibition is like revealing my darkest secret ever it's like confessing. Imagine how relieved and comfortable I would be."  

mahmound the other side.jpg"What I want people to better understand about epilepsy that it's just an illness like every other illness, they don't have to give us this look and treat us this way as if It's the worst thing ever. Every time you tell someone that you have epilepsy u just see that look on his face that I just can't describe  & it  freaks me out, I just wanna be able to say what I have without feeling ashamed of it , anyway it's a very difficult  question. I just want them to know that people with epilepsy are intelligent and talented and have potentials.  I want them to accept us as we are.  We don't bite."

The Other Side by Serene Mahmound, ceramic


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