Levin, Judith

Levin Photo.jpgUSA

"I want to share this self taught art... art therapy that helped save me when I felt totally all alone.  Judieyes (the signature name for all of my creative artwork) is not to be looked at with our natural eyes, but the creative and spiritual eyes within you, me, and everyone else you know.  What you are looking at is a part of me, and I wish to share with you, so please enjoy and feel the energies.  As a person with TBI, epilepsy and brain surgery, I want to help others with this disorder by opening doors that would educate the public about our plight." 

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by Judith Levin

mixed media pendent


"Epilepsy is something for everyone with & without epilepsy to open their MINDS and hearts with support & awareness.  People with epilepsy are not to be ignored, denied or drenched in stigma & discrimination.  Silence heals nothing.  Epilepsy is the oldest and largest physical neurological disorder in this world."


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