Lane, Steven

Lane Photo 100.jpgFrankston, VIC, Australia

Epilepticus 1 (2010)

acrylic on canvas



11-Lane-Epilepticus 1.jpgMy art reflects my pain and experiences with my struggle with epilepsy. I feel that I am a better artist today because of these experiences.

This painting is named Epilepticus 1, it will be the first in a collection of paintings.  Its subject is based on the condition Status Epilepticus, a part of epilepsy that causes the person to convulse over and over again.  It is lethal as it can cause brain damage, coma or even death.

Social Stigma is alive and well. Because of this I am uneasy telling people and getting close to people. Because of this I myself find it hard to be around people with epilepsy. When I have told people that I do have it I am looked at differently, I'm treated differently and I want this to stop. I understand that I am an angry person and the stigma has helped created this. I want people to realise that how they treat us has severe implications. I want people to understand more about epilepsy, there is very little taught about it.


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