Knowles, Jodie

knowles what photo.jpgAustralia

"The reason I want to show my artwork is in the hope that I can help with the study to understand epilepsy better.  Hopefully a more accurate way of diagnosing people living with epilepsy will be revealed."


"Epilepsy is not an identity; it's just a part of our lives.  For people coming to terms with having epilepsy or facing misunderstanding because of it.  Believe in yourself and 'go get that dream.' There are people living with epilepsy in all walks of live doing all sorts of jobs and enjoying all sorts of activities.  We can't control the way people think about epilepsy or their behaviour, only our own choices.  Do everything you 'can' to make yourself strong and don't be afraid to shoot for the stars."

c Knowles Untitled 2008.jpg



by Jody Knowles

mixed media (2006)


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