Jones, Sherion

SherionJones Photo.jpgUSA (Exhibiting Artist) 

"I hope this will encourage people to recognize that people with disabilities are still very capable of living productive lives and achieving their dreams. I also hope this may encourage other people with disabilities to believe in themselves, in their abilities and follow their dreams. I have seizures due to Multiple Sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis is a very unpredictable disease. In my case, I don't know, from one day to the next, what condition my body or my mind will be in. It's pretty devastating to realize you no longer have control over something as critical to your survival as your own body. We all have disabilities of one kind or another. All we can do is continue to reach for our dreams and continue to fight the good fight."

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In Art Exhibit '09


by Sherion Jones

acrylic on canvas (2008)


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