International Epilepsy Congress - Rome 2011

On August 29, 2011 a dream came true when the results of the "Sparks of Creativity: The Influences of Epilepsy in Visual Arts" were presented and the International Epilepsy Congress in Rome, Italy. Jim Chambliss from the University of Melbourne, School of Culture & Communications and School of Medicine, and Dr. Steven Schachter presented a conference session on their research on the links of epilepsy in visual art. The audience was impressed to see proof that epilepsy can, in some circumstances, enhance or release creative potential in visual art. 

While in Rome Schachter and Chambliss filmed an interview at the Home and Museum of Giorgio de Chirico. He likely had epilepsy and/or migraines. Giorgio de Chirico is often regarded as the "Father of Surreaslistic Art."

"I wish all the artists with epilepsy, their families, and artists with migraines who participated in this study could have also attended this amazing conference in such a remarkably beautiful and historical city. Each is a very important part of this project." Jim Chambliss

These are some pictures from the week in Rome.

net Vogrin-Schachter-Chambliss.jpg

Simon Vogrin (St. Vincent's Hospital, Australia), Steve Schachter (Harvard Medical School, USA), and Jim Chambliss (University of Melbourne, Australia) do lunch on a balcony with a view of the Vatican.

net alfredos w mark cook.jpgCo-researchers, Jim Chambliss and Mark Cook at the original Alfredo's Restaurant

net capital hill.jpgJim Chambliss and Simon Vogrin at the Capital Hill Plaza designed by Michelangelo

net P1010820.jpg

Nicola, Jim, and Simon in front of the "School of Athens" at the Vatican

net Spanish Steps.jpgJim Chambliss at the Spanish Steps three buildings down from the home and museum of Giorgio de Chirico

net michelangelo pieta.jpgThe Pieta by Michealangelo at St. Peter's

net rome sunset 2.jpg

Sunset in Rome


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