H-Slide Instructions Image.jpgGallery Instructions

This web site uses galleries of multiple images that can be compared side by side. Please refer to the letters on the image and corresponding written instructions below for how to work the slide shows. Click on a thumbnail in the right column to experiment. The comparisons work best from the gallery of an individual page in the middle column with a gallery from the grid in the right column.

A:  Click to show the previous image.

B:  Click to play the slideshow.

C:  Click to advance to the next image.

D:  Click enlarge verticle images.

E:  Exit the screen.

F:  Click on thumbnail to advance to the picture of your choice.

G: Exit slideshow.

H: Drag the mouse over the image and hold down the right click to move the gallery from one point on the page to another. This will allow for simultaneous comparison of three or more images.


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