Heuston, Cheryl

Cheryl photo.jpgAustralia (Featured Artist 2010)

I had a pretty nasty farming accident several years ago, which left me with a few medical problems. I now spend my life in a semi-reclining position 24 hours a day with only limited use of my left arm. I did not have epilepsy before the accident. My life was turned upside down, learning to live with daily seizures and other medical issues. I had no drawing ability before the accident. I find now I can lose myself in my drawings. I have often told doctors and specialists that my drawing is my pain management. I'm not sure how I would be without my drawing. It is an amazing feeling after I finish a drawing to say 'Wow - did I do that?' Sometimes I wonder where my drawings come from.

 Heuston 435 2007.jpg

Drawing #435 (2009) by Cheryl Heuston, pen on paper (Art Exhibit '09 & '10)

I would like people to understand that "flashing lights/images on television/billboards bring on seizures. Sufferers are not considered by makers of these media.


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