Hemsley, Alexandra

Hemsley Photo.jpg  Australia (Exhibiting Artist)

"The fact that I have epilepsy has influenced my life regardless. The expression of these emotions through the art I produce is inevitable. So I guess the two co-exist in my life as an artist and as an epileptic. I want to show my art simply because I make it for people to see. Being able to explain it to people through an understanding of what it is to live with epilepsy is really a great opportunity to express myself fully."

c Hemsley Blue Ladies.jpg 

In Art Exhibit '09

Blue Ladies,

by Alexandra Hemsley

mixed media on board (2000)


 "I would like people to understand that although living with epilepsy can be a burden we are still people with dreams and ambitions. We deserve people to understand our differences without judging us. I don't know if it is really possible for other people to truly understand but listening impartially gives us the freedom to explain to others the emotional rollercoaster ride involved with living with the condition."


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