Hannon, Kate

Hannon photo.jpgAshville, NC, USA

Looking to the Right Side of the Brain (2011)

pastel on paper




11-Murphy-Looking to the Right Side of the Brain.jpgI feel there is a creative phenomenon to epilepsy. I want to encourage others who are living with a seizure disorder to explore their own creative energy and use the creative process as a means to gain insight, awareness and wellness in their inner and outer lives. Epilepsy can often feel isolating, shameful and mysterious, yet I want people to know they are not alone and to explore this mystery.  Because there's so little known about epilepsy and why seizures occur, I feel that creatively engaging this dis-ease, we can learn about it (and ourselves) in the process.  I feel it can be a gift and these altered states may lead to higher levels of consciousness for some.


I completed Looking to the Right Side of the Brain” in April 2011 while enrolled in my research based class in my Master's Program at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. I was trying to figure out what my Intuitive Inquiry would be focused on, and one of my initial assignments was meditating about a question I am contemplating in my life.  I emptied my mind, calmed my body and allowed my inner curiosity to surface. It spoke through this drawing which transformed several times during the creative process. It began as an old, sad woman into a younger woman trapped inside what looks like a brain, and simultaneously, a tunnel.  It feels dark for her now, but there's light to be found. She has light spouting and shooting out of her crown, like a direct conduit to the source.  As I interacted with my art, I realized she had a message to share. It was when I drew her eyes looking to the right side, I had that 'a'-ha' moment. This is my question: How does the brain affect creativity...moreso, what is the relationship between epilepsy affect creativity? I studied some of the most influential creativity people in history, and believe it or not, many of them experienced seizures.


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