Getzlaff, Graig

Getzlaff Photo.jpgUSA (Featured Artist 2010)

Ever since I was diagnosed with epilepsy I have had to tell everyone I was working around, and my supervisors, that I have epilepsy for my safety. In the end, this would cost me my job. Someone high-up in the company I was working for would see me having one of my seizures and then they would work out a way of firing me that had nothing to do with my epilepsy. Finally I have a different reason to tell people I have epilepsy that is not for safety, it's for a unique painting ability that they can see in my art.

c Getzlaff Distureb Czur.jpg 

Disturbed Czur

by Graig Getzlaff

oil on canvas


I think people should understand that epilepsy is not a disease. It is a seizure disorder, which does not have to be a disability. It can be an ability (like a sixth sense), especially in art.



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