Farrar, Tremain


Tremain Photo.jpgUSA (Featured Artist 2010)

In the process of creating my artwork, I hope that people who do not have epilepsy will be inspired to learn more about the disorder and appreciate the aesthetic qualities of the artwork that are philosophically influenced by my neurological disorder. My objective in obtaining a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree signifies a sincere investment in the field of art and dedication to the realm of charcoal drawing, my medium of choice, deliberately based on the dichotomous nature of epilepsy.

web Farrar Ascension No. 3.jpg

Ascension # 3 by Tremain Farrar, charcoal & pastel

The division between unconsciousness and waking life is a studied interest that I attempt to represent in my artwork. This is the facet of epilepsy that I try to convey in my drawings. While somewhat alienating and tense, there is a cathartic optimism in the work that focuses on my struggle in surmounting the disorder and rising to a sentient identity; in this respect, the drawings have a universal appeal to them, alluding to inevitable setbacks in life that are conquered by the tenacious human will.


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