afi-sm-van-gogh-edited.jpgExamining the Storm within Vincent van Gogh:


Van Gogh and the Seasons - comprising 50 original works by Vincent - is now at the NGV International in Melbourne. The exhibition has shattered all records for most visitors for an art exhibition in Australia at 80,000 in the first two weeks. 


Art for Insight is independently conducting professional development workshops & tours - lead by Dr Chambliss. Workshops focus on the neurological and psychological influences in his life and artworks. The full-day workshops, half-day workshops and lectures can be self-reported for continuing Professional Development credits.

Dr Chambliss is an interdisciplinary educator and consultant who integrates visual art into education and professional development to improve visual investigation, human empathy, effective communication and creative achievement in a broad range of endeavours. Both his PhD in Visual Arts and Medicine and Masters in Visual Arts involved neurological and psychological influences in the lives of living artists for comparison with van Gogh. He has presented on the topic at many international conferences and universities and with his research addressed in numerous articles, TV & radio.


The official opening celebration for "Creative Sparks: An Art Exhibition for People with Epilepsy" was in Melbourne, Australia on 7 May 2009. 


FUTURE ART EXHIBITIONS: Our objective is to schedule exhibitions in galleries in various cities in Australia and the USA in 2011-14, and in other countries as regional interest and funding opportunities progress.  The proposed "Creative Sparks Art Exhibition" will include interactive displays and information explaining how epilepsy can influence visual art.


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The last art exhibition was held in Melbourne, Australia in conjuction with the "Asian Oceanian Epilepsy Congress" from October 21 - 24, 2010. 




net Vogrin-Schachter-Chambliss.jpgInternational Epilepsy Congress, Rome 2011: 

Jim Chambliss from the University of Melbourne and Steve Schachter made presentations at a session on epilepsy and at at the International Epilepsy Congress in Rome. The results of the "Sparks of Creativity Study" were presented to delegates from around the world who are important in the treatment and policitiy development related to epilepsy.


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CONTRIBUTIONS: The touring exhibition will require the sponsorship of generous people and organisations who want to help show the positive things that can be accomplished by people with epilepsy in artistic expression while advancing a better understanding of epilepsy. Please contact us for further information on how to help sponsor and promote this intriguing and socially beneficial art exhibition.


Emma Presents.jpgVISUAL ART SUBMISSIONS: The next round of awards are for twelve "Featured Artists" and "Purchase Awards" is in August of 2010. Artists with epilepsy and migraines with an aura from around the world may submit ten artworks for review. Please contact us for more information about displaying your art on the web site and art exhibitions.




Emma Brockett makes a presentation and presents artistic bookmarks she made for the guests at a function sponsored by the Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria.


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