Drenda, Olga

Drenda Photo.jpgPoland

I'd like to show my art anyway - it's a thing that I would do for life. Being aware that I'm at the very beginning, I hope to learn much more. The camera is my third eye. As for epilepsy, I feel there is no purpose in hiding that. It's better to be frank than to let people misunderstand you. Personally I have temporal lobe epilepsy - what can make my behaviour look peculiar to others; if I let them know it's just plain neurology, they might understand me better.  Some of my works may seem to depict how the world around looks like during my attacks, but it's not my goal. It's just me.

Drenda-Untitled 9.jpg 

There are thousands of myths around epilepsy. The thing that most needs to be understood is that it's not a dangerous or 'taboo' disease. It's rather common and the people having epilepsy of course suffer, but also are lucky to have, let's say, a more spectacular view of the world. Dostoevski, Lewis Carroll and many more artists of great importance were epileptic and despite the nuisances they managed to leave excellent heritage.


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