Dixon, Anna

Dixon Photo.jpgAustralia (Exhibiting Artist 2009)


Artists enjoy getting together and having an exhibition.  It is always good to meet other artists for conversation and inspiration.  Where would we be without our art?  We are very fortunate to love doing it so much, and it is a great pleasure to share it with people who are interested.  Doing art makes you feel happy, alive, peaceful and it's very exciting.  I think it must help my epilepsy.


You feel very upset and worried when you first find out you have epilepsy.  Then you must find a way to live with it.  I have coped with it and got on with my life.   It hasn't stopped me from leading a busy and happy life.  People with epilepsy don't want to be treated as "epileptics."  They just want to be accepted.  Art has always been very important to me since childhood.


In Art Exhibit '09

Fat Woman

by Anna Dixon

ceramic sculpture (2006)


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