DeBord, Scherrie

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I would like to share my work with other artists and art lovers because I want people to see how my mind works when it is not gripped by a seizure.  I would like to think that the process of art making and the work that I do is a type of freedom from my illness. I think artists who do not have seizures still have a lot of hurdles. Having a seizure disorder is yet another adversity that one can face in making art, it is inspiring to see anyone move beyond their health problems to create. This in itself is rewarding and I hope it can inspire others who feel "held back" to move past the illness that restricts them from achieving their dream.

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by Scherrie Debord

mixed media 


I would like other to understand that epilepsy is nothing to be scared of. So many people are hesitant and nervous when the subject of epilepsy is brought up. I think the lack of education around this illness is why people have so many misconceptions about the disorder. People should realize how many of us are out there with this illness. They should learn especially what to do in case of an emergency. It has taken 12 years for me to face up to the fact that my epilepsy is not why I am different its my creativity. Different in how I see the world, how I see my art and hopefully people can open their minds enough to see things through my eyes.


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