Chambliss, Jim

Chambliss Photo.jpgAustralia (Exhibit Curator)


The bi-products of stigma associated with epilepsy can often be more hurtful and debilitating than the biological symptoms and impacts associated with seizures. Some of my art is related to epilepsy and brain functioning. It invites the viewer to probe into an intimidating confusing topic in a manner that is not intrusive, disrespectful or pushy. People can take in as little or as much information as they choose at a given point in time. My hope is that through viewing my art and this website, which has become my new medium of creative expression, people will take a few steps closer to a better understanding of epilepsy and the people behind the art.

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In Art Exhibit '09 

Discovering the Source

by Jim Chambliss

Ceramic Sculpture (2005)

Photo by Todd Burns


I would like for people to better understand that epilepsy is a neurological condition we have that does not define who we are. Please look beyond the labels and sometimes unusual behaviours associated with epilepsy to see the good in who we are and the positive potential of what we can achieve.


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