Borchard, Annette

Borchard Photo.jpg Australia (Exhibiting Artist 2009)


The shock of having epilepsy is that there is nothing that you can tell someone how they should feel. Family members feel that they could have it too. They fear what their mates might think as it could be an embarrassment to them. Work managers will react to wanting to employ you. Staff ignores you, or treats you like you might drop down or start shaking and they don't know what to do! So they would rather not talk to you." "Fear is the opposite of love. I don't want to be feared because I have epilepsy. 

Borchard Droving in Autumn.jpg


In Art Exhibit '09


Droving in Autumn 

Annette Borchard

oil on canvas (2007)

Yes people with epilepsy do have a brain; at least we have an excuse why we don't feel well some days. Doesn't mean we are not bright, sometimes the reason why I feel we have a seizure is because we do too much and don't know how to relax. It would be nice to show some of my work; as a florist my best area was wedding work, making beautiful bouquets and watching how pleased the bride is with the wedding bouquets, treasured memories forever! That's what we have in life - to choose to remember our wonderful times.



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