Bernard, Patricia

Bernard Photo.jpg USA (FEATURED ARTIST 2009) 

I want others to understand why I use vivid colors and movement in my art and how my epilepsy changes my view of the world around me. My use of colours and movement is a gift, not a disability. I would love others to understand that having epilepsy is a variant from the normal, not an end of one life. Just because one has seizures, doesn't mean that one is not able to live a full complete life.

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In Art Exhibit '09

Just Pulling Me In

Patricia Bernard

oil on canvas (2008)

I am excited about the Sparks of Creativity Study and this website. By understanding seizures and why an artist paints a certain way, one can truly enjoy the body of work. For the first time the viewer will be able to see though the artist's eyes. Bringing the artist and viewer closer together will create a positive support of the artist. This will hopefully change the history books, on how past artists were viewed with seizures. I paint like Van Gogh, but I am not Van Gogh.


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